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The best advice for your wedding is to book DJ Loyal first!
— Nichole & Arnold


DJ Loyal is a premiere instructor, DJ, and performer in the Pittsburgh entertainment industry. As a native of New York City, Loyal started dancing at a young age. He immersed himself in the vibrant dance culture of NYC with break dancing and hip hop dancing. After to moving to Pittsburgh in 1997, Loyal started learning and teaching ballroom/latin dancing at a local franchise studio for several years before branching off to become an independent instructor. Loyal has now developed his dancing to become one of the most dynamic salsa/mambo dancers in the country. Traveling from city to city, Loyal has been trained by some of the top salsa/mambo coaches in the world. With a combination of his ballroom background, Loyal's teaching style is precise, technical, creative, and exhilarating. Loyal combines a rock solid foundation in vastly different dance genres to create a unique style that is all his own, making him one of the most well rounded dancers to ever grace the streets of Pittsburgh.

In 2011, DJ Loyal took his love for music to the next level and started DJing at various venues around the Pittsburgh area. Currently Loyal specialized in Weddings, Corporate events, Mitzvahs, and many other private events. He also hosts and DJs different weekly Latin events events around the city. 

Loyal prides himself on being an "active DJ" meaning he will fill your guests with energy and get them out on the dance floor to enjoy your special event. At no cost, he provides interactive dancing services to guide your guests on the dance floor. His unique combination will leave your guests talking about your event for years to come!